Facts for Visitors: Selected Reviews

Boston Review

“Astonishing in its emotional depth, rhetorical facility, formal control, and lightness of touch . . . fresh and unforgettable art.”

– Review by DeSales Harrison

Double Room

“In his first volume of poetry, Facts for Visitors, Srikanth Reddy accomplishes a goal that is usually only achieved by much older writers working at the peak of their powers: he evokes a world that seems full and coherent in its scope—a world that is at once the world we recognize and one that, because fully and truly inhabited by his imagination, is also completely the author’s own.”

– Review by Matthew Miller


“Rarely can poets engage in social commentary with such timelessness as Srikanth Reddy.”

– Review by Olivia Cronk


“As the book progresses, it blends prose poetry alongside narrative, alongside stricter lyrics, and the outcome is a diverse living ocean.”

– Review by Jennifer Humbert